Tap into New Resources and Skills

Global sourcing companies are often made up of a team of highly experienced and skilled individuals. After years in the industry, sourcing consultants will have developed an efficient process whereby they gather client specifications, approach suppliers, enter sample production, conduct batch manufacturing, and then deliver the products to the client.


Local Presence

Although sourcing companies outsource products internationally, they are stationed locally. This means that as a client, you can reap the benefits of receiving components from overseas while also enjoy having a close and trustworthy contact who is available locally. Having a local presence also means that your business will be handled in a local manner. You no longer have to struggle to bridge the gap between your way of doing business and the supplier’s way, since you can deal directly with the sourcing company.


Cost Savings

Of course one of the most attractive benefits of utilising the services of a sourcing company is the cost savings clients obtain. Firstly, employing the services of a sourcing company allows clients to cut costs that would have otherwise been expended to search for the products they require. Finding the right product for your specifications, at the correct price, while liaising with multiple foreign suppliers is a difficult task, to say the least. This task becomes even more difficult if you are not well versed in this area. Cost savings are also achieved through accessing better bang for your buck. Sourcing companies may have procured a similar product to what you require, and therefore know the correct price you should be paying to obtain a good quality product.


Risk Reduction

Aside from providing cost-effective solutions, sourcing companies like GSS are also able to significantly reduce the risk of importing from overseas and give clients the best chance of avoiding costly mishaps. Another way sourcing companies reduce risk is through conducting extensive supplier research and only working with reliable offshore manufacturers. At GSS, before engaging with a supplier, we do our due diligence to ensure that they are a reliable partner. We do this through using trade software data, interviewing, and site visits from our in-country agents and contacts. Our comprehensive research allows us to create significant risk-reduction for our clients in an otherwise high-risk industry.


Time Efficiency

A seasoned sourcing expert will save you copious amounts of time throughout the procurement process. This begins with the product and supplier research, and extends through communications and negotiations, as well as to delivery and product improvement. Sourcing companies typically have an integrated network that allow them to place orders quickly and receive orders quickly. There is nothing more frustrating than an order that does not come on time. Sourcing companies understand this, and it is part of our job to be your advocate and push to have things done in time.



Contrary to popular belief, sourcing from overseas does not necessarily mean sub-standard products. When it comes to China in particular, the quality can often be superior to domestic manufacturing. Sourcing companies have a vast degree of knowledge when it comes to product standards, so you can trust in them to achieve the quality level you desire for your product. If you receive a sample that you are not happy with, you can count of the sourcing company to go back to the supplier with amendments until your product is what you envisaged.


What can GSS do for you?

Since 2007, GSS has become a leading global supplier to businesses and manufacturers who want to become more competitive through innovation and substantial cost savings within their industries. GSS offer a full importing solution from factory direct product sourcing, production management, quality control, logistics, customs clearance, through to local delivery. GSS are highly customer focused, and our clients see us as an extension to their team and resources which helps them to have access to services usually reserved for larger companies.

Whatever your product or application, GSS will be happy to discuss it with you!